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Privacy & Security: a Discussion of the Relationship

Privacy is a topic that has often gone hand in hand with security. Security professionals frequently find themselves straddling this line when involved in surveillance or employee monitoring. There are operational, legislative and ethical considerations to be made as well as the consideration of good security practice and hygiene. Privacy and security have also grown in the mainstream media with most publications carrying some form of opinion or reporting on the topics with carrying degrees of accuracy or hysteria. Good business practice and governance working with a solid understanding of data protection is the route to success. The ethics of surveillance in both business and the public domain will continue to be a much discussed and contentious issue and the public interest is set to grow as mainstream media continue to embrace it. The apparent public fear of surveillance by Government bodies often seems at odds with its willingness to hand over its details for free online or digital services and this lack of understanding also needs to be challenged when discussing privacy; why trust a commercial organisation more than your own security services if the monitoring is part of a strategy to secure a nation and its people, business and infrastructure?

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Sep 28, 2016

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