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Security Awareness for Executives

As cybersecurity moves from a concern of the Information Technology Department to an agenda item in the boardroom and a risk to the organisation, executives require awareness of the issues more than ever. Distilling a complex, multi-faceted, technical subject into language and key points that can be understood by non-technical decision makers is key if an organisation is to implement an effective cybersecurity strategy. While every organisation will have a unique set of circumstances, varied priorities and differing levels of cybersecurity maturity, the information provided here will allow for a tailored approach. This article seeks to set out the decisions which must be made regarding the structure of an awareness programme, the requirement for engaging the executive leadership and is intended to detail how the Chief Information Security Officer (or other chosen individual or external third party) should engage executives, the key messages that must be shared, and tips for effectively preparing and presenting the information.

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Oct 07, 2016

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Maor Chester almost 2 years ago

Great post! very insightful and practical.
Contact me for information on in-depth cyber courses, together with intros to cutting edge technologies.