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Securing Space

We depend on space. A lot. Not just for satellite television, long distance phone calls, and in-car navigation. Space capabilities support our critical national infrastructures, emergency services, military, and our day-to-day lives. Moreover, all is not well. These systems are under threat. Space is getting so full of debris that it is becoming an even more dangerous place. Launches are now determined by debris windows. Satellites change orbit to avoid debris. When debris hits debris it creates … more debris. Solar radiation damages satellites, military use causes tensions, and our need for resources is driving us off planet, despite the huge cost. Space cuts across all technologies as cyber does. Malicious use of the Internet, is echoed in an increase in the hacking of satellites. We are heading to a future where space is essential to our quality of life, or arguably even our survival, and yet the systems are fragile and the outlook is questionable. The brightest minds are needed to develop the cutting edge technologies for Space to solve these problems. Innovation as never before is being sought. Space is truly a new frontier and we have only just started to explore it.

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Oct 13, 2016

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