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Securing the Industrial Cyber Space with IEC 62443

In a world of engineers working hard every day to make sure all of us can have light after the sun sets, clean drinking water and get safe transport to a hospital where they can get medical services, they automatically trust these heroes to ensure critical infrastructure services remain operational at all times. However, the world has been changing for several years now as cyber threats have entered the scene and discovered there are easy targets. The industrial automation and control systems (IACSs) in control of critical infrastructure have been designed with operational assurance in mind, making sure they function with very high accuracy and availability according to specification. As such, these systems and the people involved with the IACS life cycle are inherently vulnerable to cyber threats as so little effort has been spent on misuse cases, which is basically what the cyber threat actors are exploiting, technology and people alike. To mitigate this, the IEC 62443 standard is emerging as a framework specifically designed to help industrial organisations grow to address the growing cyber threats to their assets.

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Oct 14, 2016

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