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Cyber Security in the Connected Vehicle Environment

Connected vehicles communicate wirelessly with each other and with the road infrastructure and this presents new opportunities for hacking attacks. These attacks may attempt to prevent, intercept or manipulate information which can potentially compromise single or multiple vehicles and aspects of the road infrastructure. Building on risk and safety considerations, cyber security in the connected vehicle environment is presented and then a security risk analysis approach, including a categorisation of connected vehicle vulnerabilities, is presented. Key industry trends are identified, including the integration of mobile phones and apps with vehicle systems. A number of developing cyber security standards and initiatives to improve security, including public key infrastructure, is also identified. A number of short case studies demonstrate connected vehicle vulnerabilities.

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Nov 28, 2016

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Graham Turner over 1 year ago

Some of the lessons that have been painfully learned in the pay TV technology industry are likely to be applicable in the transport context. These include the fact that any security based on fixed, common secret keys (e.g. DVD and BluRay disks, HDCP for HDMI) will soon be comprehensively broken, and that reliance on standard off-the-shelf 'secure' processors is likely to prove highly disappointing. The techniques that have proved most effective in protecting media content have included semi or full custom secure devices and frequent update of unique and shared keys coupled with a system design that includes recovery from compromise as one of its core concepts.