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Cyber Security in the Energy Industry

There can be few areas of engineering upon which so many others rely as the generation, transmission and distribution of energy. Protecting this critical service is a challenging task and as the prevalence of digital networks increases operators can now add cyber security to their list of concerns. In this article, the authors look at how engineers can think about protecting the energy grid and specifically the approach to this being taken in the UK. The energy industry is undergoing a major transformation as new forms of generation, such as renewables, result in a significant change in the way energy is moved and balanced. One approach to addressing the increasingly complex nature of energy grids is to increase the use of digital communication and control. Many new technologies are being successfully deployed into the energy grid, but with this change comes an increased possibility of disruption by cyber security incidents. In this article, they will set out a number of these challenges and look at how the use of a common framework can be applied to help address these issues in the energy sector.

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Nov 30, 2016

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Johann Thalakada over 1 year ago

A worthwhile reference to note that I was recently pointed to in terms of establishing a cyber-aware culture is Appendix 1.1 on Nuclear Safety Culture -