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Cyber Security Architectures for ICS/SCADA Environments

Industrial control systems (ICS) are a core component found in many aspects of modern life, from critical national infrastructure to manufacturing and building management. The growth of the internet has seen these previously isolated systems increasingly integrated with the connected world. Exposure to the internet and corporate networks inherits all of the security concerns that are relatively well understood in IT environments, further compounded by the different requirements, architectures and component age found in ICS. Many existing IT security technologies and techniques can be applied within an ICS environment; however, most require significant reconfiguration or alternate deployment techniques. Some cases require entirely new technology.

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Dec 12, 2016

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Kirby Wadsworth over 1 year ago

Great paper, thanks. You missed one new element of ICS/SCADA security architectures - IT/OT Gateways from Bayshore Networks, GE, and perhaps others, offer deep content inspection of industrial protocols, and allow industrial policies (for more logic rich and granular than firewalls) to be established and enforced. Very powerful.