System Safety and Cyber Security conference 2017

Have you ever noticed people using words "safe" and "secure" as if they mean the same thing? Have you noticed an increased use of word "secure" applied both to safety and security? System safety had been around for decades, but how does it interact with security, how does security work with safety?

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Aug 23, 2017
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The above thoughts are just a few I have come across in the area of system safety and cyber security. The relationship between the two is even more important in critical systems such as nuclear reactor or national infrastructure. 

Enter SSCS 2017 conference (System Safety and Cyber Security) which in its 12th year focuses exactly on that. The event is chaired by a well know specialist in both sectors - prof Chris Johnson (Head of Computer Science at University of Glasgow). His work focuses on the intersection between cyber security and safety-critical systems, particularly in the aviation and civil nuclear domains. He has held two fellowships from NASA and two fellowships from the US Air Force working with Langley AFB and Space Command:

"This year’s conference provides a full programme of presentations that address the two most significant problems for the engineering of complex systems. It is becoming increasingly hard to sustain confidence in the safe operation of applications that are faced with a growing array of criminal and state sponsored cyber attacks. We will identify the threats and present a range of mitigations.

The SSCS combines good practice presentations from industry-leading practitioners together with the latest research suggesting new ways of addressing the challenges that arise at the intersection between safety and cyber security."

To hear a full invite by prof Chris Johnson go here

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Veronica Kopec

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