My understanding is that this hub if for peer reviewed papers, interesting opinion papers and case studies to assist in knowledge transfer, not vendor marketing papers?

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Paul Lewis on Feb 14, 2017 • 1 answer
Whilst this is true in most cases, i have recently observed a number of vendor produced marketing publications and material. Whilst i do not object to this in principle, i would argue that this needs to be labeled appropriately, or placed in a specific section and treated as such. The specific examples are published by Darktrace, Catholic Charities Case study, Drax Power Customer Case Study, etc


Hi Paul. It is indeed the case that the focus of the E&T Cyber Security Hub is peer-reviewed, vendor-neutral content, but we do encourage users to share any information that they believe others would find helpful. All of the peer-reviewed content is labelled as such and can only be accessed when a user is logged in; with regard to the specific material that you mention, I have asked that it is only posted on the company's profile, and not in the channels and rooms, to distinguish it from the vendor-neutral articles and case studies (and I ask that any other corporate contributors follow the same guideline, please).

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Simon Hamlet on Feb 27, 2017