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Cyber Security for Critical National Infrastructure

This article discusses the UK critical national infrastructure (CNI), its exposure to cyber risk, the measures and arrangements currently in force to address that risk and suggests some alternative and additional measures to which consideration might be given.

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Oct 31, 2016

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Jon Longstaff over 1 year ago

Hi Henrik

Great article. So do you think the UK government is getting the balance right between regulation and advice for commercially owned CNI assets?

If we do need more intervention to address the societal risks of CNI do you have any views on what is the best approach?

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Henrik Kiertzner over 1 year ago

@John Longstaff; thanks for the kind words, first of all. In response to your question, no, I think that, unless the government can actually offer substantive assistance to the commercial CNI operator in justifying security spend - perhaps with a 'sponsored' threat and risk assessment by sector, perhaps with tailored strong advice on means, approaches and controls, the operator will continue to find it hard to draft a compelling business case for a level of investment which might seem high to the average commercial board. The alternative would be greater regulation, which of course would have its own risks - of greater bureaucracy, 'box-ticking', inflexibility and the treatment of the regulating authority as a business risk in itself - see here the compliance industry.

Substantive assistance and articulation by government of the need, based on a sponsored threat and risk assessment, shared freely with commercial operators, strikes me as the 'least worst' option.