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Real-time network visibility and operationalizing threat intelligence for cybersecurity breach detection

Since the World Wide Web was first commercialised around 1993-1994 information, data and communications have moved from physical to digital for all. It then rapidly became apparent that sensitive information could be accessed on networks within organisations via their internet connections. IT security then became a concern for all organisations great and small and putting in place network perimeter security and reporting was then enough to keep these breaches at bay. Today networks are very different again; there is no known perimeter for most with the usage of mobile devices, cloud apps and Virtual machines as well as more traditional network infrastructure. IT security departments struggle to secure their networks as 80 percent of the time it is not known, where they are vulnerable, exactly what devices are present and when and in most cases there is little information on how breaches occur. In this paper we will examine why these networks are unknown, how criminals gain access to sensitive information and data, how to combat and know breaches, gather threat intelligence and have the right real time analysis on exactly what activity is passes across organisations networks.

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Jan 26, 2017

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